Welcome. I started this blog with a suggestion in mind that I received from a wise friend: “maybe you need an outlet.” So… here it is; my outlet, with the cliché goal of leaving my heart on the page. Yet hopefully, one day, it will bring me some sort of clarity in my life. Or, at the very least, provide a source of comfort for others out there that can relate to my expression of feelings. Feelings we (as humans) so often feel alone in.

Life is funny really. It is beautiful. We can be appreciative and grateful for all the good in our lives, and even with an abundance of good, wonderful things… we can feel a void, lost, confused, unhappy. I appreciate and have gratitude for many things in my life; the sunshine, friends, family, people who have walked in and out of my life, the conditions I live in, the safety of my country, a beautiful home, good jobs, an opportunity to be in school… the list seems endless. I have worked hard for many of these things, but others I did not earn yet am extremely lucky to have. As wonderful as my life sounds on paper and as grateful as I am, something is missing. I can smile and enjoy things but deep down there is a void. I feel a hunger I cannot satisfy, not so far anyway.

So this is it; the beginning of my journey to discover what will really satisfy my hunger. I will eventually unveil that something; the thing that will bring true happiness, joy and passion back into my life. Whether I find it tomorrow or fifty years from now, I have faith that I will find it before I die. I don’t expect that my writing will take me there. Instead, it’s purpose will be to facilitate my journey, provide a place for reflection so I can look back on things and, perhaps, provide a source of courage for others who need clarity, or direction or have some sort of void of their own to fill in their life.

Without further adieu, I say welcome. Welcome to my journey, to sharing with me and to the discovery of ourselves. I wish myself, and anyone who may read this someday, good luck, good dreams and great courage. This is the beginning. This is it.

With Love



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