Curb the Self Doubt

Dear Lord, when feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and self-doubt creep into my heart, help me to see myself the way you do.

I’m not particularly religious, but I thought this was still an appropriate quote. (Click the picture to see the site it came from)

I was inspired by “Incurably Curious'” blog today … see

I feel this self-doubt oozing from every part of my body, slowly poisoning my confidence and self-worth.  I have a messed up relationship that I can’t make up my mind about, school isn’t going well (again), I don’t get particular enjoyment or earnings from either of my jobs, all my groups of friends have seemed to drift away leaving me with one or two here and there but no group where I really feel at home, a series of poor decisions, no car, poor financial management… I could go on a long time.  It seems this is quite normal and the writer asked that people respond with what they do to curb the self doubt.  Naturally, I was quite interested to see how people responded to this.

It turns out, almost everyone seemed to just focus on the positive until things got better.  Focus on what is going well; what is going RIGHT in their lives. So here goes:

  • I have my own place
  • I have a good roommate
  • I have my own adorable cat, Prince
  • I have a great family that I am fairly close to
  • I am in school and will graduate with an HBA
  • I am relatively attractive
  • I am relatively healthy
  • I am working and paying my own way
  • I have good people in my life
  • I have started writing

It’s peculiar… while writing that list I felt the need to add something negative to every single positive statement I made.  For example, I wanted to write “I will probably fail something and not finish for a couple years because I am not focused, want to travel and need to work during school” to the line crediting myself for being in school.  And that’s just it.  I need to keep it simple, ignore those negatives (or acknowledge them and let them pass as an invalid thought/feeling) and focus on the positives.  Things will work out, if I keep telling myself that they will and focus on the positives.  Yet, that is so much easier said than done.  One of these days I’m gonna hit a ball (of negativity) right outta the park and hit a home run (happiness).

Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positiveeeee.

Have a good day everyone!

Namaste… xx Kate


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