I’m back… 3 years later… with an egg metaphor

I’m shocked to have learned three years have passed since I last wrote. I guess I had written other times without posting and thought I had posted those about a year ago… my memory deceives me! Regardless, my new focus here is to share my experiences and thoughts about life during this significant growth period in my own life. Let me give you a bit of a background.

I was born and raised in a medium sized town in Ontario and lived there up until I was 24, almost 25, years old. I relocated to Alberta as of September 2016 so I’ve been here about 14 months. Now, I’m coming up on my 26th birthday and am constantly reminding myself that I still have lots of time, yet somehow I’m still not totally convinced. Time for what? you might ask. Time for life. For a happy, productive, efficient and fulfilled-feeling life. I believe that is something we all want, even crave, on some level. (I’m well aware that pursuing that fulfillment is a luxury… it’s unlikely that one would look for fulfillment when they’re in survival mode… trying to find a way to their next meal or how to survive weather or crime or find shelter or any of the other things I’ve been privileged [or possibly not so privileged] to go without. Just a side-rant. Sorry… where were we? Right, my journey to fulfillment.) I crave this fulfillment; to find what truly makes me happy; have a sense of belonging and purpose; be surrounded by the people that make me the best version of myself and be confident that I am doing what I am meant to; know I am contributing to the world in the best way I possibly can. I have been in and out of school and jobs and relationships and I have had many successes and many failures. I have tried different combinations of work, school, relationship, and all other aspects of life in order to discover the best balance and lifestyle choices for me. To find what makes me tick. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world along the way but I’m still learning a lot as well. (Not that I ever expect to stop learning or growing. I think it is an essential part of life to be continually learning in growing. However I also believe you can do this while already at a certain level of peace and fulfillment. Side-rant number 2 complete.)

So the journey shall continue… better documented from this moment forward. I will use this blog to share my thoughts and experiences about life. My tidbits if you will. I find a lot of metaphors in things, so there will likely be a lot about that. Metaphor tidbits. I’ll hope and pray that some of you come along for the journey or pop-in every once in awhile and see if anything intrigues you or speaks to you or tickles your fancy.

Today’s thought:

I read something that said,

“The same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances.”

This quote was posted on a picture of 3 egg halves; one soft-boiled, one medium-boiled and one hard-boiled. (This quote/picture combo can be found on Insta, on @minorityminset page.) A few thoughts popped into my mind…

First and foremost, if we’re comparing an egg and a potato, why on earth is there a picture of three egg halves and no potato anywhere in sight?

Secondly, it’s very intriguing that the same boiling water can cook an egg to three different outcomes depending on the amount of TIME they are in the water for. You put the egg in for less time it comes out soft, more time and it comes out hard with a faint grey ring around the yoke.

And then I got to thinking… What if that’s true for us? For example, you put yourself in a job for a short-time, you’re probably “soft”. You probably didn’t learn the ins and outs of the job well. You might be weak at the job or weak-minded in general or maybe it wasn’t for you but you’d still be sort of “soft” in that job or line of work, so to speak. You stay in the job a long time and you’ve learned the ins and outs. You see more darkness possibly. You know the different flaws of the business. You’re maybe more solidified in your position; more secure, more stable, more competent/strong/solid. The job might be negatively affecting you if you stay there too long, as well. Sometimes the job hardens you. Relationships can be used as another example. You stay a short time… it’s mushy and gushy… there’s a honeymoon phase. It’s soft. You stay a long time… things solidify and you see some of the darkness in the other person, perhaps they see yours, there’s darkness between you perhaps. It’s hard(er). Interesting what time does for us.

It’s also interesting that the egg doesn’t look that different from the outside when it’s soft, medium or hard. It’s just the yoke that’s different. It’s just when you cut into it that you notice. Or if you really pay attention to how it feels. You really have to look inside, past appearances to know what stage the egg is at or really feel it out. It’s the same for people. You rarely know where the stage someone is in with their job or their relationship in terms of time or in terms of being in a soft, medium or hard place, so to speak. Not unless you talked to them and had a real conversation with them. Not unless you cut into them. And the time is relative. Not every egg cooks at the exact same rate and not every person does either. Boiling water is also a little more standard than human environments and circumstances.

Circumstances… that brings me back to “It’s what you’re made of, not the circumstances.” There is some truth to that, for sure. You want to react well to the circumstances you’re given, however I do believe circumstance does have some impact. That’s not to say that if you’re given real bad lemons,  that you shouldn’t find an excellent way to make delicious lemonade. Absolutely you should. But circumstance does have an impact.

And then my last thought was… is there supposed to be a desired outcome? Is the person that posted this suggesting that being a potato is better than being an egg? Or vice versa? Potatoes go soft with time, eggs go hard with time. I think I’d rather become soft. I’d rather have compassion, understanding, empathy, be open-hearted and open-minded opposed to allowing this world to make me hard, bitter, closed-off or close-minded. So I guess I’d rather be a boiled potato than a boiled egg. Which is ironic because I much prefer eating eggs over potatoes. C’est la vie.

Until next time.

With Love, namaste,

xx Kate