Make Goals. Measure Them.

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Inspired by DougDoesLife’s “Find Your Path Series” I have decided to make a list of goals.  I was actually planning to sleep, but apparently doing these exercises wired my body in to some sort of overwhelming excitement, because (despite my exhaustion) I feel like my eyes are pinned open and something similar to adrenaline is pumping through me at a fairly rapid pace.  The reason for the little goals are to eventually get to some of my bigger goals, so here goes…

  • write a blog post daily
  • read for enjoyment daily (whether it be a blog entry of someone else’s, a newspaper, a magazine, a chapter of a novel, etc)
  • do something outside of class for school daily (whether it be checking online, prioritizing, and making to do lists and schedules, writing in the forums, reading a chapter, meeting a professor, tutor or friend for help, etc)
  • do yoga daily (whether it be a round of sun-salutation or an hour long practice)
  • workout/do something active for a minimum of half an hour daily (whether it be a huge long workout at the gym, a short run outside, swimming, hiking, etc)
  • meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes daily 
  • watch something daily (whether it be a 2 second Vine clip, a trashy TV show, a good film, an informative Ted Talk or a documentary)

I guess it would be beneficial for me to know how much time this will take up each day.  It appears as though I will be able to accomplish the workout, yoga, and meditation under an hour each day.  The writing, reading, watching something, and doing something school related could probably be as short as an hour (a short blog post, a short article, a quick Vine or two, and making a list for school) and could range to a lot more than that (hours upon hours).  That will give me some flexibility and allow me to see what works best and when.  I will measure it by recording what I did for each goal in my journal at the end of each day, which will probably add an additional half hour.  So I’m looking at 2.5 hours minimum per day.  Sounds like a lot but I think it’s do able since a lot of the things I already do.  

Some bigger goals/one-time-to-dos:

  • buy a camera (by May 1)
  • see the exchange office (within the next 10 days)
  • see the career office (within the next 10 days)
  • improve my resume (within timeline set out by career office, latest Mar 16)
  • cancel the stupid Visalus cock-up – yes, bitterness at its finest – (by tomorrow at 5 pm)
  • look through summer courses (by Sunday evening)
  • decide on summer courses (within next 12 days)
  • register for summer courses (by March 10)
  • find a Stats tutor/find out about refreshers (within next 10 days)
  • do a budget (by Sunday evening)

I thought I would share my thought process and goals with you here so you can read my journey as I go.  I hope that my sharing my goals, struggles, ideas and coping mechanisms, I can inspire you to be proactive in your own life.  Make some goals, keep track of them, measure them and alter them if needed.  Well… I certainly have a lot to do.  Now that I’m starting to see some sort of direction.. better get to it!

All the best in your endeavours!

xx Kate