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Couldn’t have said it better myself. Click the picture to visit Oprah’s website and view a few other fantastic writing quotes!

Good morning all.  Just a brief note for today as I wait for my tea to brew so I can go back to bed (I’m quite ill and since this is reading week, I thought I’d try to sleep it off).  I have decided that I am going to post daily.  I’ve decided this for a few reasons: 1) I find that writing keeps me on track and focused; 2) It keeps me in tune with the issues pressing my mind and my heart; 3) My life seems very overwhelming right now so writing helps me simplify it or at least sort through the complexities somewhat; 4) I find my writing keeps me out of trouble (I stopped for a week… and lets face it, there were some very VERY poor choices made); 5) I can’t deny I’d love to improve my writing (practice makes perfect) and gain more followers and likes on here (who knows, maybe some day I’ll have something ridiculously informative or entertaining to share with you all). 

So that settles it.  The daily posts begin.  Subjects will include (but will not be limited to): struggles of growing into womanhood (growing pains), steps toward self improvement(related to my goals, aspirations, dreams and thoughts), perhaps my little Prince might come up (yes I have an adorable cat named Prince), boy troubles and dating, and travel.  Now just as soon as I can figure out how to alter my blog so that I can have a bunch of different categories…. We’ll be up and rolling. Could take a few days.

May you all be happy and healthy today (go away sickness!)

Namaste… xx Kate


Patience Is A Virtue… Or Is It?

Click this picture to see it again with a great article written by Brendan Marshall at Elite Daily.

I must admit, I am not a very patient person.  In most situations, my impatient qualities prove to be to my detriment.  If only I was more patient with myself, I would probably be done school, I may have been a dancer, violin player, drummer, or various other things. I may have had a better resumé or maybe some amazingly joyful job.  Maybe I would have the man of my dreams and an extremely adventurous life.  I’m not going to get caught up with the what ifs… c’est la vie, right?

My mom would always tell me “patience is a virtue” as she struggled to learn patience herself (never very successfully I’m afraid… however she’s certainly come much closer to mastering the art than myself).  For the most part, I totally agree.  I have just watched my best friend “put her time in” at a horribly boring job for three years.  Many of the times I would speak with her she would be frustrated, bored of retail, wanting a better paying job, more authority, more control, etc.  She had gone to school in this field after all.  Yet she always kept a different vision in mind and it’s finally paid off.  I am so proud of her (and maybe a little envious… in the most proud way possible).  Her three years of suffering finally paid off.  The owner bought her ski pass for this year, gave her the responsibility of managing everything and handling the “buys”; she’s traveling around Canada… the world is her Oyster.  She’s an inspiration and a fantastic reminder that patience is a virtue.

Or is it?  I’m writing this as I sit waiting to start working.  Yes that’s right. I was scheduled for 5:30pm, required to be dressed and ready to go for 5:15pm and I am still waiting to start working (it’s currently 6:25pm).  If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a waitress.  I love the people I work with and I like the place I work at.  The food is good, the drinks are cold and it’s cheap.  I’m very frugal, so as a customer this is wonderful news… as an employee it’s another story.  Waiting to start work for a full hour is a royal waste of my time, especially when I only end up walking out with $50 some nights (apparently our customers also like that we’re cheap and like to keep it that way).  And so, I continually ask myself… is patience a virtue (in all cases)?  Is all this patience taking away from my self worth?  Because it sort of feels like it.  Wasting time when I have better things to do and working at a place where I make considerably less money than I’d make at most other restaurants is frustrating, and it makes me wonder if I should reevaluate how patient I really want to be about this.

Then I realize that I am comfortable here.  The girls I work with here have become a bit of a family to me, which is important to me since I don’t have a strong sense of community anywhere else (excluding my real family, of course).  Plus, it gives me enough money to live on while I’m in school since my other job doesn’t quite cut it.  There are some definite benefits to working here, and quite frankly, I can appreciate how lucky I am to have a second job.

I guess what I’m saying is, maybe I’m not degrading my self worth, or wasting my time… maybe there will be some unforeseen pay off in the future for being patient.  Or maybe being patient has a purpose to teach me a lesson or two along the way; to appreciate what I have or to be steady or to be responsible.  I may never know for sure, but for now, I opt to be patient and see the adventure in it.  I will think of it as an opportunity to make use of my time… for blog posts perhaps?

Until next time… Be Patient. 😉

Namaste. xx Kate